Five Minute Blog: Silence of Tears

by Victoria's Secrets

The sadness of the night, The awakening of the day.

Silence, depicts a thousand reasons.

Guilt, Mourning, Revenge, Discernment, Meditation.

By the swaying of the trees, by every waking hour.

The stillness of that moment,  you will always remember.

As tears trickle down your face, you can never see that smile again.

You try to fight every emotion controlling you.

You try to stop it.

You try to say all those things you wanted to say for the longest time

But then Silence hits you.

Instead of words more tears run down.

Reminiscing all those memories and moments. Recalling all the promises  you both made.

In just one day, vanishes into thin air.

Goodbye’s will never be easy.

Accepting the horrible truth and letting go will be harder..

I will miss her, a lot.

Words will never be enough of how much that span of 3 years meant to me.

You will never be replaced, and I will be waiting for you.

Till now, Farewell, and may destiny favor us to be together again soon.