Profile no 3: Jenine Ramos Domaoal

by Victoria's Secrets

Hey lablab, bestie, my ever pretty Calibuano girl —-jeninah!

Soooooo… I decided to make this post dedicated to you, Cause I love you and this will be a remembrance, in case you will feel all lonely and sad. You can always re-read this again and reminisce all those fun and epic times we had. 🙂

So where shall I start?

Third Year:

You: Hey, I’m Jenine, Do you like to eat meeaht?

You: (goes to SM, wears a scarf)

You: (makes a mistake in the diary, tears it off)

You: (goes to a night out, wears jeans and skater shoes)

You: (brings a swiss knife in school) (Us: RUN!!!!!!)

You: Is Sophia a cancer patient?

You: You hurt Marianne? (Punches boyfriend)

HAHAHA you remember that Jen? I remember reading your blog in tumblr, you kept on saying stuff on how you hated Cebu, and you wanted to go back to Cali. Now I guess, you should be blogging the exact opposite right?

Anyways, I can still vividly remember when you first came into the classroom, you were all tough and mean cause you clearly didn’t want to be here. But I was at awe when you were able to adjust quickly.

I know we were the first ones to reach out to you, even though we were kinda scared, we still did. And I will never regret that moment. You know why? I would have never known how amazing and wonderful you are.

Remember Quennie’s birthday?! HAHAAHAHAH okay, Well I don’t. (ifyouknowwhatimean) FIRST LAAG TOGETHER! ❤

Also remember you’re first SINULOG? when we had matching caps, shirt and pins? Awweeeeeee.

Moving on let’s go to..


Well, we had a lot of things to remember right? Like. .Going to Ayala.. sooo red. :)) and Our Glee Obsession!

Yes we were crazy about Glee, to the point you made me audition, (by far the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done)

I can still remember you were Rachel and I was Finn.

Eff, now I feel teary eyed.. But then I’ll sum up the sadness for later.

Remember this? OUR SONG 🙂

I will never forget when we used to freak out every time we hear this playing in the taxi.

And yes, how I helped you find a partner for grad ball? And how you ended up having two dates? (I envy you)

Oh, Fourth Year went by so fast..

And we reached First Year College, remember our crazy adventures?

When we used to dance like crazy, Jimboy and SHORTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!, having sleepovers at your place, and all those moments when it was just you and me against the world 🙂

When I forced you to eat Chicken Feet and me Onion Rings, Ginabot! 🙂 (You’ll definitely miss that for sure, but not as more as me, right? RIGHT? say yes or I will kill you)

Oh wait, Remember FLAME IT? hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah Okay that was way epic.

Oh and when this track plays anywhere, and we’re like!!!!!!! OMG this is our jam! (*busting our moves)

Now, we’re here to the part when it’s half empty, this is the part when it’s not even your 18th birthday and you’re leaving. That really sad truth, that you’re going away from me. That you are ACTUALLY LEAVING me..

You know what made me cry last Saturday? Like I couldn’t look you straight in the eyes without sobbing like hell?

1. I have grown so attached to you and I can’t afford to lose another best friend anymore

2. We promised each other a lot of things, Like we would go clubbing when you’re 18. Like I will be you’re lablab forever. And I was clinging to that promise of yours.

3. I love you so much and you are one of my most trusted friend. Now when I’m all lonely who am I gonna talk to?

4. Things will never be the same without you. No one will defend me when someone will bully and fight me 😦

5. I always run to you in everything. Now, I will have no one. 😦

6. First DAWN, NOW YOU?!!!!!

7. Last but not the least, I will miss us. Just US, you know? We had gone through a lot, and I just can’t let go of all that yet. Not yet.

I cried even harder, when you said you had no one there, I just can’t imagine you going through that sadness you felt during 3rd year again..

Oh Jeninah, I will sorely miss you. You know I will.. 😦 Just remember, I will be here waiting for you, Just look at the pictures and videos, even though it will never be enough, just remind yourself of all the happy moments. I know that in your 3 years here, we made your stay a lot easier and happier. And of course you made us happy as well. Just imagine, we’re all there and we will be waiting for you. Distance will be nothing, I tell you, I take back what I said before, “Long distance relationships will work” I will do everything to keep our friendship intact. But then again, maybe we will meet again soon? Please say yes. Just save up and come back on your birthday, I don’t wanna miss your debut.

Hahay, So this is it? There’s no turning back. I love you lablab, I will miss you..

I hope this post will remind you that you are one of the greatest blessings God has given me. ❤ And I will be forever thankful to him for that.