LifeDance 2013 : Circus of Life

by Victoria's Secrets

This is it!!!! To all you Cebuano’s out there, after months of waiting, LifeDance 2013 is ready to give us more!

More exciting  perks and surprises, More EDM, More international Dj’s and of course a great effin party!

We all know that the first ever LifeDance was held on May 26, 2012, but you know what’s great about LifeDance 2013?

IT’S ON SINULOG WEEK!!!! So you guys, we already know where we’re going on January 18th. Save that date!

Nevertheless, they had come up with a theme, CIRCUS OF LIFE, I really like the concept, it gives me a sort of a “Tomorrowland feel” but Cebuano style.

So I’ll be expecting a good, colorful design and setup for the stage and the whole venue, (But as we all know the great “Mark Anton Masa” will never fail to awe us with his brilliant ideas) (I really admire his work, btw)

LifeDance has done it again! and again and again. I can’t wait to be there, and now I will have sleepless nights, counting the days till it’s gonna be January 18.

However the line-up for the Dj’s is yet to be announced.

I hope it’s either Deniz Koyu, Dirty South, Sander Van doorn, Hardwell, Kaskade and my list will go on..

But whoever the DJ would be, For sure this will mark another great history for the Philippines.

So I’ll be updating more about this when more news comes my way!!!!!!

xx, Solid LifeDancer