One Woman Show

by Victoria's Secrets

Blip. Blip.

Step one two, I am a beautiful bumblebee.

Okay, that was weird..

But I have my reasons:

Last week.. was literally HELL mode, I mean. Imagine going home 4am (what a coincidence, Kaskade’s song) on a Saturday night and I had to wake up 7:30 the next day?

We had to be carpenters and architects to design our Tradeshow booth. I got wet cause of the rain.  From running back and forth to my house to school again. Stained my favorite shirt with paint. Had to bring a lot of scrap home.

I needed to prepare for the Tradeshow because we needed to reach 500 signatures for two days. So that’s 1,000 all in all. (Luckily we reached it) As well as my Food and Beverage and Gastronomy Assessment.

I had to compile 6 folders for all my major subjects and pass our Resort for our Tourism Planning and Defend it?

Good Lord, I SURVIVED!!!!!!

(But the outcome for our Resort was pretty cool by the way! Wanna see?)

BTW (Acropolis means “City of Extremity”

SO, here’s the logo, I made, don’t laugh okay? I don’t know how to use those editing programs, all I know is photoscape, I used pixlr in this one though.

And yes, I made that pillar and sun. It’s lame.

So yeah! Gonna update you guys, soonest.

When I’m done with all school work probably. 🙂