Letter to Imaginary Boyfriend

by Victoria's Secrets

Thursday, 5:oopm, September 20, 2012

Dear  Babe,

I just thought of writing  cause I just felt like it, and I know how you constantly love to read them. So here’s one random letter for the most beautiful and amazing boy that has ever lived. Do you know? After years of being together, my feelings never somehow changed. I still get a bazillion butterflies every time you kiss me, it still feels like the first time and I still think and know that I am the luckiest girl to have you.

Mmmm, You look so cute when you sleep, don’t you know that? When you try so hard to make me happy and smile. Those little surprises every after class. The way you call me and check on me like almost every minute (Kinda irritating but cute) You are utterly weird but your weirdness turns me on. I don’t get it either. *What a random thing to say.. But anyways, I just thought that maybe this would cheer you up, cause I know you’re quite busy with all those school work of yours. You say its for OUR future, it’s nice and good to know you care about it as much as I do.

I love it when you try to get my mood swings, how you understand me being so dramatic about petty issues and how you try to love the things I rave about.

I like tickling you, fighting with you, and everything that involves being with you.

Yes, I can say you are the perfect boyfriend ever, every girl should envy me. They should.

Babe, I wish It would be like this forever, you know? You and Me and our crazy adventures. You and Me till we get all wrinkly, cause I know  when my hair turns really grey you will still be that person who will hold me and remind me I still look beautiful and young. And I swear and vow on my very last breathe you’ll still be the man I will always keep in my heart,

Too cheesy? I can be Minnie Mouse. Can you be my Mickey? 🙂

P.S Please buy me food, I’m hungry. Love you.

Loving yours,

Still waiting for you to exist Girlfriend