This is Sad

by Victoria's Secrets

Well it’s not that sad, just quite blue.

Sem-break! (refers to the span of time, break between First Semester and Second Semester) Rejoice!!! We don’t have to wake up early, we don’t have to stay up late with all those grueling paper works, We don’t need to study! And Second Semester has finally come! What a relief!!!!!

But yes, it is something to be happy about, but I don’t know why I feel sad..

Maybe it’s  because I don’t have money to go out cause there’s no daily allowance. (That’s one factor too, you know)

But.. it’s my feeling of loneliness again. I’ve been reiterating this in some of my old posts. So yeah, I hate being alone. Well I don’t actually hate it, I just hate the fact that the people I always cling to or people close to me have their own separate lives, being all merry and  happy without me. I don’t know, I’m a little over reacting here, but yes, I hate friends who don’t make an effort to see me, it makes me think, Did I do something wrong? (To friends: Don’t worry, I’m just being a bit sentimental here, but it’s true though)

That’s just 1/4 of the reasons of my loneliness, Another thing is, Love? I kid. Yeah maybe, I want someone to cuddle me all day long, you know? Just someone to make me feel all those gushy butterflies again. (I’m not expecting thought, but who ever is willing just PM me. I kid)

Almost two days straight, I’m here at home, Alone. Downing two to three bottles of beer just to feel a lot better.

But when you find out the alcohol can’t. Numb the pain like it used to? – Urbandub

(Hahahahaha I just wanted to say that, but I’m not that lovesick or anything)

Another reason would be, no one texting me or friends who don’t ask me what I have been up to. It’s just.. I know, they’re probably busy but yeah, it makes me feel really sad and unimportant.

Last reason would be, not being able to have someone to share or vent all this drama to, So I resort to my blog, (Lifesaver as always)

Well, I’m not trying to hit or pinpoint people, but yeah, I’m just saying.

So here I am again, wanting to go away, far away from people just because of those circumstances and more..

But I don’t have a choice but stay and try to be okay.

Soon enough..

So I’ll leave this post hanging, I’ll be blogging happy things soon. This will be my last sad post. Probably.