Secret no. 28: Adventure time with Via

by Victoria's Secrets

Holla, So… as I was scanning through my blog and I noticed I haven’t been updating my night outs, due to Secret no. 27 and 28.

But then, As promised, I will be okay, and I am now. 🙂

So It’s time to give you guys an inside scoop of what craziness this little petite woman is up to. (I refer to myself)

1. Birthdays

Oh yeah, A lot of my Girlies and Boyies are  finally legal.

So the list beigns.

8/25/2012 Danielle and Inna’s Day!

Yes yes, I remember this day perfectly, Cause I was torn between going to Danielle’s birthday and Inna’s . But the day still went on just fine, Cause I was able to attend both. Cause you know me, ninja skills. (Even got the chance to change my outfit)

9/1/2012 GG’s 19th

So, she’s not 18 anymore, but that aint a reason not to celebrate right?

That day was really epic, considering I wasn’t able to go home cause we had to bring her to Mactan and but lo and behold she was okay when we reached there. So we fancied ourselves with a little bit of dawn swimming and eating. When the sun had rise, we all went home.

But half of the night, we spent drinking, dancing and saving the birthday girl from total embarrassment from lying face down on the floor. But then it was funny when I rarely see her drunk.

9/29/2012 Ela’s Birthday

Ha! Another debut of one of my really close friends. Carmela, but I call her donut, cause she smells like one. But anyways, her debut was really nice, well-decorated and not the mention the food…. (Marco Polo)

One thing that made that night special was I had the chance to see most of my Highschool friends whom I haven’t seen for longest time.

10/13/2012 Buwad’s Birthday

So this isn’t exactly a debut cause the celebrant isn’t a girl.. However, it’s the birthday of my babes “Jovito” or mostly people know him as Buwad (dried fish) 

(That’s Buwad in the middle)

2. Boljoon


Finally the beach!!!!!!! Did you know the last time I ever touched the sandy shores was probably last year, or maybe this year during Beach Break, but I still didn’t get the chance to swim. (Like I know how to, hee hee)

We went there in the afternoon but I had to pass our project (Main reason we went there)

The place we stayed had a wide veranda and we had the freedom to do whatever we want. So we went night swimming, and drinking. Got so many bruises due to the really harsh and strong waves. Woke up with a back sore and body pains. And because of the strong winds outside the room. (Got scared) It was hard to sleep again.

I’ll leave this post hanging, stay tuned xx