Comfort Zone

by Victoria's Secrets

Everybody enjoys their little own world, their usual grounds and crowd. But haven’t you thought of going beyond your norms?

Typical Situation: You say your life is boring, that there’s nothing to do, nothing new, but you don’t go out. You don’t explore, you don’t try to meet new friends (probably your parents are strict, blame them)

Typical You: You lock yourself in your room, stay at home on Saturday nights, keep on feeling insecure of people who keep on posting things about their night outs, You keep on making excuses.

Well there’s your problem, you can’t go out from your comfort zone.

They say “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

Simply said, doing things that aren’t in your usual routine gives you a better chance of having fun and experiencing other things neither good or bad.

It’s an experiment one should do, It might feel a bit scary, doubtful and reassuring at times. But at least you tried, and yes you will never get shortchanged that’s for sure.

For example:

Why don’t you get a really random haircut? A new set of clothes?  Try looking up on the latest fashion? Why don’t you try something that’s just not you and maybe you might find it to your liking? Probably go out clubbing? or Meet up with some random handsome chatter? Go on a date! Drink until you find yourself with a group of people you barely know. Try doing something crazy and embarrassing. Don’t go home. Go Skinny Dipping.

And the list will go on.

I’m not saying this is a good thing, cause you’ll probably end up screwed or in trouble.

But nevertheless, the experience will be worth it. It will be, Trust me.