Looking Back

by Victoria's Secrets


In 2012, I…

  • Finally(!!!) found the course I’m contented and happy with, with the people I enjoy and help me get through each day of worthless piles of homework and stress
  • blew 18 candles and hoped for the best
  • sorted out what I want to do after finishing school
  • kept my mindset about it
  • LIFEDANCE 2012. I don’t even have to say much about it
  • wore the annoying, shitty pin block (mouth piece/Max na red, as some of my friends call it) for 6 months
  • balled my eyes out because I HAD to wear braces
  • got worried and sad over stupid things
  • was rushed to the emergency room for the first time in my life (nothing serious, just hyper-acidity)
  • went cliff diving for the first time
  • road trip with friends (Moalboal and Medellin)
  • tried Zipline for the first time (!!!)
  • and ATV
  • and horse back riding
  • and caving
  • started a fashion…

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