by Victoria's Secrets

  • You made me feel that you liked me, and you left, just like nothing happened
  • You kept me hanging on, hoping that I had a chance.. that We had a chance
  • I gave up knowing that you never wanted me in your life anyways
  • I tried my best to prove to you that I was worthy, but you kept on pushing me away
  • All those sweet nothings were actually empty
  • I kept on telling myself that I was better, but I never was
  • I try to forget, I try to keep myself busy, but I guess I was never good at being frigid
  • When you said you would never hurt me, I was never hurt, You know what you did? You actually ruined me.
  • I cried cause I never thought I would lose you
  • I never moved on hoping that you would change
  • I thought you were different
  • You told me  I was special, but then again you never showed to me I was
  • I gave up everything for nothing
  • You said you would never leave me
  • I actually believed in you
  • And I still do.