Secret no 29: Year Ender

by Victoria's Secrets

So I’m back from Hiatus.
And it feels really good to be blogging again!!!!!

I can truly say that this year was the most epic year ever.. And I’m doing this post just to vent out to my readers before life ends (If it’s really true tho)

2012, gave me a lot to remember. From people, events and such. I never thought I would be able to get this lucky.

Highlights of this year would probably be.

  • I started this blog!!!!!! YAY! (probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I mean, you get it)
  • LifeDance, well what else can I say? The team and the event itself was beyond my expectations, Never imagine how great the response of the Cebuanos for the EDM and the party itself. ( Wooh, all the videos did really pay off, don’t you think?) From Backstage, now we’re part of the TEAM!
  • webcam-toy-photo17
  • 264818_10200109559962967_168814683_n
  • Oh yeah, Did I mention, Kaskade tweeted me back?!?!?!?!?!?!  (My Idol, Inspiration, My everything, I don’t care if he’s old)
  • 550589_4624162603284_175834871_n
  • Meeting tons of new friends . Setting off to different adventures every weekend and how each of them actually changed and became an important part of my Life 🙂9155_259638007495259_96317878_n63101_4957770503273_1363069725_n418656_4516852840607_542732290_n578025_4946897191738_198140993_n22499_10151247489765673_1467789156_n
  • Debuts, I mean almost all of my gurlies turned 18 now. Including me! Wohoho, I don’t have to lie about my age anymore.
  • Again, I may have gained a lot this year, but also lost a few. No need to mention it.
  • I got fat, I think?
  • Hair grew longer, Yayer!
  • Got closer with these two barbies, They actually are the reason why I never get bored of my life, The source of my happiness and why I never get sad. I owe it all to them. Love you both!!!! 773_564574943569062_379327331_n
  • Got myself in the Dean’s List again, After a hectic Second semester, I never thought I would survive, but with the help of my friends, I did!
  • It may sound really lame, but during 2012, I finally learned how to swim!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Passed all my assessments! From Front Office, Gastronomy, Food and Beverage and Housekeeping
  • Changed in certain weird ways (Not wanting to dance in clubs anymore)
  • Soundcloud! Just by posting raw sounds of me singing EDM classics, I get a lot of listeners from all over the world saying I have a good voice, which I totally disagree, but at least they appreciate it.
  • Gained almost a hundred plus followers in Twitter!!!! YAY!
  • I found someone who I can really be serious with.. Hopefully it turns out right.
  • GOT SO DRUNK, to the point it will cause me a lifetime of humiliation.. But, who cares, I’m young, so be it
  • Lastly, Finally earning me some moolah, Yes! I’m working for the organization I care about so much, LifeDancer for life 🙂

So that’s probably the wrap up of my year, Hoping 2013 will be as awesome as I am expecting it to be.

So what’s next for Victoria? You guys just have to wait and find out.