LifeDance 2013 Sinulog: DJ Line-up

by Victoria's Secrets

As requested, I’m here to give you a short review about the DJ’s headlining and performing for LifeDance Sinulog 2013.

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Actually, I only know the two Main acts, basically Max Vangeli & An21 (Antoine) and Joachim Garraud but the others are quite as good

These guys don’t need introductions, but I’ll give you guys some facts to rave about
Lets start off with:

  • Joachim Garraud, this guy is basically praised by the new set of producers/DJ’s due to producing some of the greatest names in the music industry, e.g David Guetta. Known for his great graphics and keytar, Joachim, never fails to give a show. And now for LifeDance, 3D, Imagine that? Here are some of my favorite tracks   
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  • AN21 & Max Vangeli, Wooh! When they announced these two during the price off party, I wanted to jump, roll and scream with excitement. Basically, if you love EDM, you definitely have heard their names from the famous “People of the Night” and “Bombs over Capitals”
  • At first I thought they were a duo of some sort, (They’re bestfriends by the way) but these two have climbed up to the EDM scene with different and seperate reputations.
  • Fun Fact: An21 is listed as DJ MAG top 61 and is known to be the brother of Steve Angello, If you don’t know him, (which is impossible) Steve Angello is known to be the part of the super trio group “SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA” (now you know)

Brilliantz and Felix Zaltaio on the other hand, are quite intriguing to me such as they are still rising DJ’s. But then again, I trust the LifeDance team with their taste and choices. (Good example would probably be Bjornberg)

I have been doing a lot of research about them, and I found some of their tracks that have come to my liking, Check these out!

Quite amazing right? So check these boys out on January 18, 2013, At the Boardwalk Complex, Mandaue Reclamation, Cebu City!

This night would definitely be a night to remember! So be there, or be square.


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