by Victoria's Secrets

Two thousand thirteen.

A new year, a new sets of things to talk  and share about, and another year of mischief for me.

Last year around the same month, I started this blog of mine. And It helped me survive the whole drama of my weirdness, sadness and happiness. It has seen me through my downfalls and moments when I decide to rise above it all.

To my followers, who constantly make me smile by hundreds of views, I say “Keep them coming” and I promise to continue to impart my passion for writing and blogging.

Nevertheless, The year has just begun and I have so much to say.

Number one: Adventures, They say to start the year right and I actually did.

First of all, I have met bunch of people who were just strangers, awkward friends and passerby’s to me, and now mean the whole world to me. 🙂

No need to mention names, but I guess, Destiny always has its plan of bringing people together in the most unexpected ways and time.


I mean, no need for introductions, It was LEGENDARY, (anyone who missed it can weep their arse off) And again, as early as now, I can already say that, It’s one of the highlights of this year.

Imagine, I had to work for the people, and thing  I love (LifeDance team, Events and EDM)

Even had the opportunity to meet the Main DJ’s!!! Joachim Garraud, An21 and Max Vangeli, Brilliant and Felix Zaltaio


(Picture with An21 and Max Vangeli still coming up..)

Anyhow, Imagine almost 10k attendees, People all around the Philippines,can truly say “Cebu definitely knows how’s to party”424411_277423342383392_1432599577_n


January is the month where Cebu is most proud of. Why? Everybody knows the answer. This is the time of the year when it rains paint and beer. Not only we have to strong devotion to the child Jesus, but the street parties is always the main attraction here.

550036_10151451125814579_2007942091_n 319834_10200355204667441_2061352054_n149385_277552602370466_724217109_n

So, This year, I can say it was truly epic compared to the past ones.

1. I got so drunk, I kept on disappearing then coming back. It’s weird I don’t know why.

2. Street party, Who said it was banned? A bunch of friends came up to my house and just danced, even the most random people came.

3. People, I mean Sinulog wouldn’t be the same if you’re not with the people who can be as crazy as you are.

Till then, everything still feels nostalgic. Hangover from all the fun the Sinulog week had to offfer.

Well, I can say “I’m one proud Cebuano here!”

Number two: Expectations, I mean we all have goals right?

Yeah, I have been expecting a lot lately, especially from myself.

I have been slacking off from school, due to constant work and just being busy, but I know I can do it. even though, I got demoted to the 5th Rank in the Dean’s List. But it’s okay I just need to push myself a bit further

  • From People

It’s hard not to expect for people to stay with you till the end when they have other things to prioritize more than you, but I just hope I don’t end up alone and unhappy. But now, they’re still here, I should make the most out of it right? Right.

  • From Life

All the things, that I was just so excited about has finally passed, Now , I don’t know what to look forward to anymore.. It’s just sad, but I guess greater things come when you least expect it.

Number three: Love

Love, has been too tricky with me these days, I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m not usually like this, but maybe I could give it a try. I guess. But whatever comes my way, I’m ready and up for the challenge.

And this post could go on forever, but I’ll leave it until here.

I should do another featured DJ/Producer post, whatcha think?