I’m weird when I’m sad

by Victoria's Secrets

It’s funny how sad things make people so irrational and stupid.

Apparently, It makes people go crazy, some get permanent mental cases, worst case would probably suicidal.

But humans have certain ways to cover up their sadness, it may be through simple things, but in my case.

-Usually, I cry it out at night, listening to sad songs, and in the morning I totally forget about it and let it all go

-I avoid people who hurt me, I think everybody does.

-I make myself busy, like go out with a different kind of crowd, or at least pretend to be.

-I delete and throw away stuff that remind me of my sadness (messages, gifts, pictures)

-I blog the disappointment and hurt away

-I drink it out, but I’m not an alcoholic

-I’m good at pretending, I pretend to happy when I’m actually not. But that’s the way it is.

I guess, sometimes all the pain could never be hidden for a long time, sometimes it just best to let it out, let the world know that all the hurt and grief you feel now, cause who cares? They will never know what you’ve gone through, sacrificed —. They will never understand, (maybe some will) but in the end it will always boil down to you.

Yes, you.

You just have to decide whether to wallow and dwell in sadness, or choose to be happy.

I know it may not sound easy, but everyday is a chance to make it all better. Trust me.