The End

by Victoria's Secrets

Silent whispers, frail cries.
I wish I just didn’t have to say goodbye
You’re a beautiful distraction
Something I just had to let go

The vividness of what we were supposed to be
It could have happen, it should have..
But you deny, you’re afraid.
Not knowing I am too.

Risk with me, I’ve done my fair share.
Love with me, I’ll never make you regret it
Be with me, thats the only thing I ask.

But away you went, leaving me with me all the hopeful memories I wish we could replay

Unsaid words left in the air.
Feelings shattered
Thoughts remained unspoken
Emotions hiding between my eyes
Memories left to linger

Someday, somehow.
When destiny has finally got a hold on us
When the time is set
I swear to you i will never be the same.