Oh happy days!

by Victoria's Secrets

It’s been quite awhile, since I started dedicating myself to a new hobby. Well, sure I used to play soccer but that one I had to let go for certain reasons.

Now I can say there are two things I simply love to do and I’ve been wasting all my energy on.



Its been a year since I joined the team and I feel blessed and proud to be part of something phenomenal. Definitely our event has conquered not only Cebu but the Philippines.

EDM/ House Music

Everybody knows how passionate I am when it comes to my music, well, yes considering that EDM and House is a genre quite difficult to understand, thats why I simply love it.
Its the depth and the countless meanings you can put into every progression and drop.
So yeah, I’ve been learning how to Deejay and mix with the aid of my awesome mentor and boss.

I’m quite getting the hang of it, though, which is a good sign.
So fingers crossed for DJ Viki. (Somebody made that name for me hehe)