Try Again

by Victoria's Secrets

You come unexpectedly into my life, made me feel how it is to be warm and happy again.

Months, seemed like years, days, like weeks.

A nobody suddenly became my everything

Crazy jitters, staring and getting lost in those eyes, sweet nothings I tend to keep and repeat

A beautiful surprise, I must say

But who said, it was all about love and commitment.

It was all about time and mutual feelings.

No labels, no pressure

The downside of it all, you can never call him your own.

You can never ask him to stay.

Yes, its risky, but would you rather risk then to be a mere nothing to him?

Patience, I keep telling myself, probably it will all change

But that change I hoped for was the one I never expected.

Just like the gust of the wind

You left a poor girl hanging, no words to linger on.

Not even a goodbye

They said “Maybe he has his reasons”

Oh he definitely does..

Carry on, I remind myself

And I did..

Out of nowhere you come creeping back into the hole you once made

Pretending it’s all right.

Stupid me, Holding on to something that will never hang around

Yes, Its a bit vague.

We will always want something we will never have.

Its the bittersweet moment we always want to feel.

It was never worth it, my mind beckons to me

But then again, my heart still says, try again.