Note to all the boys

by Victoria's Secrets

I used to be so broken, I admit it, I was. Thinking of just diverting all my attention to everything that can be so called “Fun” to the point I got so lost that I forgot the only thing I wanted most. — Happiness

It’s been years, since I felt how it was to be in love, No, not that cliche feeling of butterflies, but that feeling of looking forward to see someone everyday, that feeling of knowing someone cares despite your flaws and negativity, there will always be someone to tell  you “Love, you’re perfect and I love you”

It’s not that I miss the person, but it’s  the memory of it all that somehow never seems to fade.


Year after year, guy after guy.

I ask myself “Why? Why not him? or him? or him”

That question still bugs me every single time.

I keep on bargaining with myself, to try again, or take a risk, however I just can’t.

When I sense “commitment” coming around the corner, I find ways to just get out of the situation I’m in, causing a broken heart to whoever that LUCKY boy may be.

Also leaving me shattered again and again and again.

It happens to every single guy I try to get romantic with. (Now you know)

When will this curse end?

When will I ever start to love again?

That remains a mystery.

To however is willing to break these shackles

Please do

Pick me up of my feet, hold me and teach me how.